GOLD DUST Neem Oil Organic Pesticide For Plants 400ml

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  • ৳ 850
  • ৳ 850
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  • REPELLENT: for Mites, Mealybug, Aphid, Scale and other 200+ variety for chewing and sucking insects.
  • FUNGICIDES: Neem oil spray for plants protects garden from fungi, mildews and root rot, black spot , sooty mold etc.
  • CHEMICAL FREE, SAFE for PETS and KIDS. Can safely be used as Neem oil for Mosquito control.
  • Use: Neem oil for Plants Insects control, ideal Organic pesticides for plants.

ORGANIC PESTICIDE FOR PLANTS AND HOME GARDEN Works as systemic in plants, Gold Dust Cold Pressed Neem Oil spray gets absorbed in plant vascular system, prevents insect feeding and larvae maturing.

Benefit and Usage

Gold Dust Neem Oil kills insects at all stages of development – adult, larvae and egg. The active chemical in neem oil ‘azadirachtin’ gets rid of insects in a few different ways:

-As an antifeedant

-As a hormone disruptor

-By smothering

‘Azadirachtin’ will force the insect or pest to stop eating the leaves. When insects come into contact with Gold Dust Neem Oil, it also prevents the bug from transforming into its next stage of development by disrupting regulatory hormones.

Gold Dust Neem oil is an effective pesticide that gets rid of over 200 species of insects, not just a few. Some of the most common include: Aphids, Mites, Scale, Leafhoppers, Whiteflies, Caterpillars, Mites, Mealybugs and Thrips

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